Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The new, the old, the hand-me-down!

We all need new every now and then. And, in some instances, new provides us with excitement, growth, and understanding. Just this weekend, my girls had a lesson in new!

Giulietta apparently has grown. I say apparently, because it's obvious she is taller, obvious she has outgrown clothes, and obvious that her brain is overflowing with knowledge like no other 4 year old. But, it wasn't obvious that her old, faded, princess bike we bought her when she was two was too small for her. And, this fact recently became apparent to me when I brought the girls to a play date with some friends at a nearby park. Giulietta shows up with her old, faded, two sizes too small for her  princess bike with flat tires, while her friend has this shiny brand new BIG princess bike with baby carriage! Giulietta didn't seem to care, she peddled to her hearts content, and didn't even bother with the fact that what she had was any different then her friends, or so wrong for her! She smiled, she played, she acted like a kid should. And, she made me proud for not concerning herself with what she didn't have!

But...with the Bike-A-Thon a few weeks away, we figured it was time for her to have the new! It was time for her to pass the small bike along to her sister (whose legs are probably two years two short at this point)! Excitement overflowed our girls faces, and there was true spirit in the air as we took an evening stroll around our neighborhood this past weekend with Giulietta on her NEW bike, and Presley on her hand-me-down Trike! Valentine's Day 2013 7 Valentine's Day 2013 5 Valentine's Day 2013 8 Valentine's Day 2013 2 Valentine's Day 2013 1 Valentine's Day 2013 3

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