Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Three Before Thirty

I have goals! I know that sounds weird to say, because most people have goals right? But..I'm talking about real life goals. Ones that I have scrutinized, planned, set up expectations for. Ones that are non negotiable, no matter where life takes me. And, "three before thirty" has been one of my most predominant life goals. The goal that I've talked about, stressed, and planned for (well sorta, haha)!

Without further ado...

The Morad Four are thrilled to announce the addition of our Third Baby coming Summer 2013!

baby morad 3 white font

And...I'm in LOVE with the fact that all 3 of these kidlets are mine!

Baby #3 Ultrasound 1 2

Baby #3 bump 14 weeks 1

Baby #3 bump 14 weeks 2

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