Saturday, February 16, 2013

Who needs a Card?

Valentine's Day is a holiday I truly embrace! I feel like my heart grows 20 times larger on Valentine's Day, and it smiles with every step I take. Maybe it's because we always celebrated Valentine's Day in my home as a child, because it was the day my parents said "I Do!" Or maybe, I'm just a hopeless romantic who reveals in chick flicks and cheesy love novels! Whatever it may be, Valentine's Day is really one of my favorite holidays!

Flowers, dinner reservations, big cards with sweet words, and meaningful gifts were always a necessity and expected! I turned the hubster into the ultimate consumer that marketing companies target on this over priced holiday. And...he has always come through, he has never let me down, or made me feel less special then the next girl. But, this year I changed the rules to the game!

I no longer looked at Valentine's Day as a day to be loved more then any other day, as a day to be impressed by the materialistic items that society says the hubster should gift to me! Instead, it was a day to make my girls feel extra special, a day to show them how to share their love like no other! And...that's exactly what I did, exactly what we did!

I have to tell you that as I tucked my ladies into bed and watched them slowly drift to sleep on Valentine's Day, no card in the world could have given me the unconditional LOVE that I felt at that very moment! The best gift the hubster and I have ever given to each other are our two beautiful daughters and soon to be son!

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day, just like us Morad Four did!


Heart Shaped Valentine Pancakes for my little love bugs!! #valentinesday #heart #pancakes

Heart shaped Pancakes for breakfast!

Heart shaped cupcakes for my girls Valentine's Day Party! And...lots of them!! #valentinesday #party #heart

Heart Shaped Valentine Cupcakes for the classroom parties!

Enjoying a Valentines lunch with my LOVES!!

Family Lunch with Daddy-O!

The Valentines Day Cupid has arrived for my little ladies!! #valentinesday

Valentine's Day Present from Cupid himself!

Valentine's Day Loot...oh my!! #valentinesday

The Valentine's Day Loot from School!

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