Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Race Cars, Skinned Knees, & Blue Jeans

I'll never forget walking out of the ultrasound office, 13 weeks pregnant for the first time in utter disbelief, because the tech had told the hubster and I we were having a girl! I'm sure my smile was spread foolishly across my face as I beamed up at the hubster and heard him say, "So that means pink, princesses, castles, and barbies huh?" As I was dreaming about frilly dresses, cute hair, and shoes (lots & lots of shoes), I'm sure he was wondering exactly what he would do with the little lady inside of me.

I'm not talking about how he would hold her all snuggled up on his chest, feed her every middle of the night feeding while I pumped her milk,  or snuggle with her in bed every morning when I left for work. Those things all came natural to him, to both of us really! I'm referring to how he would color with her, how he would teach her about his favorite things (cars to be exact), how he would learn the name of every Disney Princess and words to their songs, how he would dance because she wants to dance and he knows she won't forever, and he tucks her into bed at night and gets her light just right! But, you know, he figured it out! Call it father's intuition, mad daddy skills, or whatever you please, my hubster has this girl thing down. He's a professional Princess pamperer and it makes my heart smile on a daily basis to see the twinkle in his eyes when our girls call him Daddy and ask him to be their Knight in Shining Armor!


And, now with the new addition to our family of four, I feel very much the way the hubster must have felt leaving that ultrasound office that day. Truth be told, I've dreamed of having a son. What pregnant woman hasn't? I've wondered what it would be like to change his diapers, to watch him run and be truly wild, to step on those small tiny legos in the middle of the night and hold in a curse or two, to spike his hair and dress him in little Van's tennies just like his Daddy, to watch him peek his head out from under his car with grease smeared on his face,  to sit on the sidelines of sports games yelling with encouragement while holding in my worst fears, and to dance with him one last time on his wedding day. Most of all, I've dreamed of watching the hubster with his boy, the one who will pass the family name on, the one who will get his hands covered in grease, the one that will bring a different type of twinkle to our eyes!

As different and new having a boy seems to this lady, who thought she had this being a Momma thing figured out, my heart and arms are opened wide with love for my little Prince!  I truly can't wait to the moment I  meet him for the first time, while I watch the tears of sweet joy stream down my hubsters face!

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