Sunday, March 17, 2013

That Sneaky LIttle Leprechaun

This year, Giulietta hasn't stopped talking about St. Patrick's Day! I'm not sure why, but for some reason she feels like everyone has skipped over this little holiday rather too quickly! Just like most of us, my observant four year old has commented about how stores started carrying Easter and Summer items long before St. Patrick's Day was here. And, this really seemed to upset her! She expressed that St. Patrick's Day, Leprechauns, and little green shamrocks should be given their time!

So, what was I to do? I needed to make it special for my little lady who felt like something was passing her by in flash! I bought fabric, made dresses (with holes in the pocket so little gold nuggets could fall out, oops!), created special leprechaun art projects as well as Lucky Charms treats at their preschool, and let green into our home! She smiled all week as we talked about leprechauns, shamrocks, the color green, and St. Patrick's Day. Presley enjoyably followed along, finding her big sisters amazement with this holiday fun exciting.

To top it off, that sneaky little leprechaun visited our home today leaving my girls some green little footprints, some green shamrock cookies, and two green peppers for an art project! They squealed with delight when they saw that he had been there, they danced on his footprints marveling at how sneaky he was, they took huge bites of their green cookies relishing in the magic of St. Patrick's Day, and then they made a few shamrocks of their own with the peppers Mr. Leprechaun left them! Today was certainly a magical St. Patrick's Day and one I hope they never forget!

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you & yours!

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