Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Blue is the new Pink!

Before I ever had children I was told by the Hubster's family that I would only have boys! So, I always found my eyes wandering to Mom's of boys, especially those of three boys, because after all we always wanted three! I was okay with it, not thrilled, but definitely okay! Boys are different, boys are fun, boys have so much energy!

But...as we all know I had two beautiful girls, and boy were they a welcomed surprise! For 5 years now all I've lived & breathed & eyed & sewed are PINK! Pink paint, Pink clothes, Pink shoes, Pink toys, Pink everything! PINK, PINK, PINK!!

So, now that I'm having a little boy, Blue sounds so foreign! I see it in emails, I hear my friends talking about it, and I buy clothes with the color in it. Yet, I feel so confused at times, because after all Pink has been my life! As each day passes, and as Baby Boys kicks become harder and more frequent, the idea that I'm having a SON is becoming so real & so exciting! At this point, the nesting has kicked in & I can't stop looking at clothes for him, thinking about how I want his room to look, and dreaming about holding him while I rock him to sleep in his nursery!

Baby Boy Morad Week 20 1
Momma at 20 weeks Pregnant!

Baby Boy Morad Week 20 5
Baby BOY Morad at 20 weeks! The hand is pointing to his goods!

Baby Boy Morad Week 20 4
Baby Boy with his hands in his face, just like his big sisters!

Baby Boy Morad Week 20 2
One has to really use their imagination for this picture. It is a view of Baby Boys bottom with his legs spread real wide. The little guys goods are in the middle & of course he is touching them already!

Baby Boy Morad Week 20 3
And this....is my FAVORITE! The sweet profile of my sweet boy! I just can't wait to kiss his little nose!

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