Saturday, May 28, 2011

Swimming With a Smile

As summer is quickly approaching, although the weather
in California wouldn't really yield that information, it was
decided that Giulietta should start swimming lesson.

At first, we signed her up at the Los Al Base, where
she has participated the last two summers in the
"Parent & Me" class. However, with an okay first lesson,
an emerging cold, and the relentless rain & freezing
temperatures here in California the past few weeks, 
we decided to seek out private lessons at an indoor pool. 

This morning Giulietta had her first lesson, and she 
loved it. She practiced kicking, back floating, blowing
bubbles, breathing, and trust with her instructor. I can
already tell that this small amount of time spent (15 minutes)
has greatly increased her independence in the water. It will
be amazing to see her transformation from a fish to a dolphin 
as she continues to learn throughout this summer! 

These few pictures were taken at the Base during her first lesson.

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