Sunday, June 5, 2011

Some People

It seems to me, that as we travel through life we often times encounter
individuals that make us stop and think about why God has put 
them there, and what role they serve in our lives. 

My friend Allison is one such individual. She is intelligent, 
loving, honest, loyal, and not to mention, CRAZY, but in a 
good way. By looking at these pictures, I realized
that God put Allison in my life for two reasons. One, to allow
me to live vicariously through the crazy path she rides through
life on, which I never have experienced, nor will I ever. And, secondly,
to remind me of how blessed I am. You see, Allison reminds me of
that every time I talk with her. She always has a warm remark or 
comment about how special my life really is, and how she is lucky
to share in it. She genuinely loves me, my husband, my girls, and
the home we have created, just like her own family!

And, that is why we love her!  

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