Monday, May 16, 2011

Grease Monkey's??

Car shows have never really been my favorite outings, and God knows
that if I do something I don't like, it means I must love the person
I'm doing it with. That being said, I have spent years attending these
manly events, primarily watching Ryan ooh and aww 
over old and new heaping pieces of metal that were either 
restored or in need of a little TLC. 

The Seal Beach Car Show, was once again another Saturday
morning family outing that involved a couple breakfast burritos,
two little ladies, and a young married couple strolling down
Main Street looking at some real gems. I should mention here, 
that this time, attend the car show was my idea and,
 as you can everyone thoroughly enjoyed the morning. 

Giulietta loved sitting in the real Formula 1 car. In fact, she was
probably trying to figure out how to make the thing GO! Our
girl loves anything fast, as long as it doesn't involve heights.

This truck is just her size. I hope if didn't give Daddy any ideas! 

Ohhhh the noise of a LOUD engine. They were both enthused!

Even though it was hot and sunny, this girl loved people watching 
as well as all the pretty colors on the automobiles. 

What I gathered from this particular show, was not what car
we would probably have added to our Classic collection in the
garage years down the road, but...
that my daughter's (particularly G) loves this type
of event as much as her grease monkey father. 

Perhaps that means that years down the road, this Mama will get to stay at 
home while the girls and daddy venture off to bask in the beauty of 
someones pride and joy. Who am I kidding? We all know,
 I'll be trudging along taking all the pictures, because secretly I 
am a grease monkey too! 

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