Sunday, May 22, 2011

She Says the Darndest Things

People have always told me to write down the cute, funny, ridiculous,
and utterly unbelievable things that my kids say...because, I will forget.

And, I haven't listened! Let's face it, it's impossible to capture every 
moment of your child's life through pictures, video, or paper (blog in
my case). As a parent, I simply do not have the time. And, sadly 
some things that G has said or done over the past two and a half years
 have slipped my mind. It's not that they weren't awesome or amazing, 
 it's just that she has grown way to fast, and continues to surprise us everyday. 

With that being said here a few funny conversations I have had
with my sweet little G in the past few weeks. 

When picking up G from school a few weeks ago, I asked her
what she had done at school that day. Her response was, "I had to go to 
Miss Mandy's office!" I promptly asked her what for, and her response 
was, "some lady was in there!" Again, I questioned her about the lady, 
and she said "She bugged my ears!" I thought for a minute, gave out 
a little chuckle and began explaining to Giulietta that the woman was
only trying to check her hearing! 

Just the other day, G was sitting on the potty, all by herself, which
is still a very rare occasion. Anyway, I am in the other room and I 
hear her say, "I am on the dumper. I am taking a dump on the 
dumper!" If this didn't make me crack up enough, this statement
was followed up with "Ohhh no Mama, we forgot to put the One 
Drop in the toilet!" You see, One Drop is a little bottle of liquid
that you simply drop in the toilet before you do your business
so that there is no smell (And, it REALLY works!) The funny
part is the fact that we have NEVER used one drop with G 
before, but it appears she has been listening to Mommy & Daddy's

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