Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Fly Over...Disney Style

Space ships flying over, sitting in a huge crowd of people at Disneyland waiting for hours, and 90 degree September mornings are definitely not my thing. However, they are the hubsters. So, I have learned that sometimes I need to put my own wants and desires to the side in order to try new things and entertain the ideas of the man who supports me with anything I do, because they end up basically being AWESOME.

On that  special Friday in September, we packed up the kids & our friend Becky, headed for the happiest places on earth with excitement running through each one of our veins to see a part of history take place.
TheFlyOver-September 2012 1

TheFlyOver-September 2012 8

TheFlyOver-September 2012 25

TheFlyOver-September 2012 13

We enjoyed a view rides, a visit with Giulietta's favorite princess, and then we planted our tushies in front of the castle to wait for the space ship to flyover. Really not knowing when it was coming or what to expect, we kept our eyes on the sky as the sun burnt our wondering faces. People crowded close together, the hubster was full of excitement, and the girls were thoroughly entertained with their Becky.

TheFlyOver-September 2012 26

TheFlyOver-September 2012 18

TheFlyOver-September 2012 17

TheFlyOver-September 2012 16

Then she came! It was amazing, spectacular, and breathtaking all rolled into one, and thats is coming from someone who wasn't the least bit interested in watching it all take place. She came, she flew low, and she went all in a blink of an eye, but it was by far one of the most fascinating moments in my life. All the waiting and sweating was definitely worth the few seconds of history making awesomeness.

TheFlyOver-September 2012 22

TheFlyOver-September 2012 24

TheFlyOver-September 2012 23

The best part is the thought that one day when my girls are talking about NASA, and the old space ships in school, they'll be able to say that they saw it first hand, they remember the awe of the crowd at Disneyland at the very moment the space ship flew over, and they have the pictures to prove it. Needless to say, it pays to try something new, to listen to someone else's suggestion for a change, to keep my mind open for new adventures.

When I do, memories are made!

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