Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Don't Ever Grow Up...The Happy 4th Birthday Edition

At this very moment four short years ago, I nervously sat in a hospital bed, attached to what felt like every single machine known to man, anxiously awaiting the birth of my first baby girl. Fear, pain, love, hope, wonder and excitement engulfed my every emotion and left me feeling strong, capable, and determined to be the best Momma to my little princess.

What I didn't know, was exactly how much one little being could change me. Everyone told that bringing a life into the world  would change my life, my home, my family, my marriage, my career. Most of the time I politely smiled, nodded, and thought "well duh!" However, what those people didn't tell me, and maybe it's because they didn't know, is how much having my Giulietta would change ME. Change me for the good, the better, the best, and make me the Momma I am today!

 Sure, I have endured my share of sleepless nights, snotty noses, soiled bed sheets, midnight cries, and tedious tantrums. But, it isn't those moments that I remember when I look into my sweet girls eyes, when I hear the pitter patter of her feet on our hardwood floors, or when I steal a peak at her peacefully sleeping every night before I close my eyes. 

It's the moment I first saw her, 

the moment she first smiled,

the moment she felt snow for the first time.
Giulietta in snow-741684

the moment she walked hand in hand with her Daddy and I through the park,

the moment she first played with paint, 

the moment she ate her first slice of birthday cake, 

the moment she slept in her big girl bed all by herself,

the moment her smile spread bigger then any other time,

the moment she sat on the banks of the Mississippi sandwiched between her Daddy and I,
None (1)

the moment she became a big sister,

the moment she sent her beloved paci to the "paci fairy,"

the moment she ran outside in the rain until her coat was soaked through,

the moment she danced around my bedroom like a princess wearing my wedding dress,

the moment she got her first "real" manicure & pedicure,

the moment she walked into her last first day of Preschool,
Giulietta's First Day of School 2012 14

the moment just us girls took an evening stroll around our neighborhood,
An Evening Walk with my Girls Sept 2012 14

and, the moment she danced her heart out at your 4th Birthday Concert.

And, each of these moments, plus many more are what have changed ME. It is Giulietta that has changed me! Her inquisitive mind, her loving spirit, her infectious laugh, her brilliantly wide smile, her double dimples, her even temper, her problem solving skills, her love for life, her warm heart, her insistent independence, and her natural beauty embody who she is, give her confidence to be who she wants to be, and touch everyone who comes into contact with her.

Giulietta you are special.  You are my first born baby girl. You are someone everyone can turn to. You are someone who is easy to be around, someone you want, and often times need. You are a great thinker, who can often be found starring out into space contemplating or analyzing a particular situation. When you smile, really smile, there is nothing more beautiful then your expression. Your energy and attitude are full of charisma and love, with a lot of confidence and even more independence. And, when you look into your bright blue crystal like eyes, you can see your heart...full, honest, and loving.

Giulietta, don't ever change, don't ever grow up! Happy 4th Birthday my sweet girl, my first born, my little GEM. You are deeply loved more then words can express! XOXO

**I'd like to give special thanks to my dear friend Molly over at 
for capturing many of these beautiful moments in our lives! **

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