Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Twinkle Toes

As the summer came to a close and swim lessons began to draw to an end, 
I searched for some other organized activity to put Giulietta in. Seeing how
she was technically only 2, soccer was still not option. So, I decided to enroll
her in Dance. As many of you know, I wasn't much the dancing type when I 
was her age much to my mothers disappointment, and still am not. 
I don't have the grace, the girlyness desire, nor the body, but I figured
I might make a good stage Mom and Giulietta might develop a new passion.

Her first practice made us proud. She listened attentively, smiled proudly, and
moved her feet in an utter disarray. But, with each week she attended she 
listened for the most part, learned, and developed these cute twinkle toes. 

Her first recital, just a few weeks ago left tears in my eyes as I watched my baby 
try to stay on her tape spot and dance her heart out on stage 
 in front of a few hundred other people. I'm not sure if this will be 
Giulietta's "thing," or if she will continue for years and years to come. But, I do 
know that for now she is having fun, she is making us proud, and we can't
wait for her next recital this coming Spring! 









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