Friday, December 16, 2011

Presley is 1!!!

My Dearest Presley,

For the past year everyone who has met you has told me that you were special. 
Special because you are the one of two who made it, special because you were
born in your caul, special because you beat RSV, pneumonia and bilateral ear infections
with flying colors, special because have red hair, special because you tend to smile
at anyone and everything, special because you are wild and feisty, special because you 
do things when you want to, on your own terms and most definitely your own way, 
special because you love music and just can't help yourself to dance or sing along with it, 
special because you are an admirer of your sister and the instigator of trouble, special
because you are a little koala always wanting a snuggle or hip ride, and 
 special because you are a lover of everything and everyone.

All those people are right, my love. You are special, for all of those reasons 
and more.  You have not only brought our family an added amount of love and joy, 
compiled with A LOT more ciaos, but you have brought your special charm, 
your special spunk, and your special smile! And, we wouldn't know what we would 
do with out YOU! 

As you grow up our little sweet P, we wish for you to continue to be
curious, be pensive, be loud, be happy and sad all at the same time, 
be generous, be full of life, be quiet, be wild, be fun, be open, be
sensitive, be perfect, be giddy, be serious, be smart, be free, be special,
and most of all BE YOU! 

Happy Birthday Presley Ella! You are our Love Me Tender! 

With Love,
Momma, Dada & Sister

**Pictures lovingly taken by Molly Marie Williams Photography**

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