Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sharing the Momma

Having two is hard; I'm not going to lie. Hard for me to coordinate schedules, hard for me to do double duty, hard for me to keep up with everything. But, I think it is harder on this little girl. Her life of being an only child changed almost a year ago now, but it has only been the last few weeks that I have seen the impact the past months have taken on her, and ultimately on our growing family. 

Having a sister has given Giulietta the opportunity to grow up faster then she might have wanted to. It has given her the opportunity to share her parents in a way that she probably never thought she would have to. It has given her the challenge of learning how to know better even though most 3 year olds don't. And, it has given her the chance to foster a lifetime relationship with her sister who will hopefully one day be her best friend. 

As I look at this picture I can't help but smile. Giulietta's messy ponytail, her prominent dimples, and her overly confident attitude make me my heart swell with pride to call her my first born, and my tears water with amazement at how fast she is growing. 

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