Thursday, July 3, 2014

Long Eyelashes, Pouty Lips & Blonde Hair

How is it possible that my Sweet Baby Boy will turn ONE in less then a month?  It really feels like just yesterday that I found out that I was pregnant with him, but then again he has filled a missing piece of our home & hearts so perfectly that it also feels like he has been around forever.

With each passing day I watch my baby turn into a toddler and as bittersweet as it is, it makes me yearn for the time not long ago that he was so small. Multiple times a day I find myself just staring at my little prince in complete admiration, and I think how...

I love the way he smiles when he sees his sisters each morning.
My favorite place to kiss him is the soft part right above his nose and in between his eyes.
He gets overly excited when he sees any animal and flaps his arms like a bird.
I am constantly chasing him around wherever we are taking things out of his hands or mouth.
Everyone complements him on his AWESOME hair & I'm sure that will never end.
I thought I had everything figured out about raising a baby until I had him.
He looks at me just like my dad does, and it makes me smile and thank genetics.
I never thought he would say Momma, but now whenever he does my heart flutters.
We joke about him being Albino, but I really think deep inside he just might be.


He LOVES me more then anyone else, and it makes me feel like the most important person in the world. I know I'm the Queen of his castle, and that my importance in his life will probably never change.

Holden Enzo is the definition of a Momma's Boy, and we are both really okay with it!

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