Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Tooth Fairy & Teething Necklaces

First's are a huge milestones and in our house we all take them very seriously. It's as if we roll out the red carpet with all the fanfare and fireworks and strut our stuff down it. At least, that is how I want my children to feel when they accomplish a first. I want them to know the importance of a milestone and to cherish the memory of it, because after all a first can only happen once! 

Two weeks ago, we had two firsts in our house! 

At about 5 am one morning Giulietta came running down the hallway to our bedroom with something in her hand. As I barely opened my eyes and saw her grinning with her palm out, I instantly knew what had happened. My first born lost her VERY FIRST TOOTH. I carefully placed her pearly white on my nightstand, ushered her back to bed, and waited till morning to celebrate her little gap! Now that I think about it, Giulietta lost her first tooth almost 5 years to the day that it originally poked out of her little pink gums when she was a tiny little baby, and hiding behind her baby tooth, was her BIG permanent tooth already growing in! She smiled proudly ALL DAY, I made her a tooth fairy pillow, and that night she tucked her baby tooth tightly into it. The next morning she found a crisp $2 bill (Thanks Uncle Kaka), and a special note! My big girl was over the moon, and ready for her next wiggly tooth to emerge! 

Amongst all the excitement of Giulietta losing her first tooth, Holden's first, and second, baby teeth came in. These two little gems have been a long time in the making, and I think everyone is relieved that they have finally made their debut. This boy was a tad bit more dramatic during his teething then the girls were. We tried teethers, orajel, teething tablets, wash cloths, tylenol, and an amber necklace. The first couple of days after my little dude discovered his teeth were fun watching him rub his tongue across his new fighting gear. Now, it is cute to watch him chow down on food with his new chompers. He has tested the little white fangs a few times while nursing and on my shoulder, and of course it was accompanied by a little giggle, but I think a stern "NO!" has squashed his fun, and now for the most part he just shows his handsome toothy grin. 

Being a Momma of three is so fun to sit back and watch the milestones roll along. All three of my littles have developed at their own pace, and each milestone feels just as special as the one before. However, I don't think I will ever forget this First Lost Tooth & First Gained Tooth milestone. There is something special in two of your littles sharing a commonality, but being many years apart in age! 

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  1. Woah! Two events in two weeks? That must really count for something. Hahaha! Being a mother of three is certainly fun for those types of events. Of course, your kids losing their first teeth is only the start of it. From now on, you'll have to make sure that they visit their dentist regularly to avoid any issues with their oral health. Thank you for sharing that with us, Katie. All the best! :)

    Eunice Greer @ Downtown Dental SC


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