Thursday, September 26, 2013

Cutting Off a Piece of Toddlerhood

I'm really not sure what it is about hair, and the cutting of it that gets me all emotional. It grows and grows and grows more, all it takes is time. However, for me, the cutting on ones hair is some sort of milestone, or life changer. And, perhaps I feel this way considering that I've only drastically changed my hairstyle once as a grown up! 

With that being said, you can only imagine how hard it was for me to take Giulietta to the hair salon to get her lovely long locks snipped. Clearly my sweet girl has been overdue for a haircut for sometime, but I just couldn't get myself to make her an appointment and actually drive her there. But, with her Elementary school career starting and the transition of her no longer being a toddler, but now a child, I decided with A LOT of persuading from my Mom and Giulietta that is was time. It was amazing to me to see what a transformation was made that afternoon. My sweet girl walked into Kiddy Kastle with the little glimpses of toddlerhood in her spirit and long hair, and walked out the front door of the salon thirty minutes later with shorter hair and the charisma of a grown child ready to take on her future! 

And, let the hair go is exactly what we did. We measured it, bagged it up, and mailed it off to someone in need of my little ladies beautiful strands. 

Giulietta's Big Girl Haircut 8-2013 1 Giulietta's Big Girl Haircut 8-2013 5Giulietta's Big Girl Haircut 8-2013 10 Giulietta's Big Girl Haircut 8-2013 11 Giulietta's Big Girl Haircut 8-2013 12 Giulietta's Big Girl Haircut 8-2013 14 Giulietta's Big Girl Haircut 8-2013 15 Giulietta's Big Girl Haircut 8-2013 16

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