Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Stopping to take a Rest

Sometimes it's the little things you notice out of the corner of your eye while driving down the highway, which you have a million times before, that take your breath away. In March, on the way to meet my best friend Samantha's baby boy, Presley and I stopped to take a little rest.

What we didn't know is how absolutely beautiful and stunning our view would be from the small cement slab on the side of the cliff somewhere between our home and San Diego. Even though I had passed this hidden gem hundreds of time before, it never occurred to me to pull over. For some reason, on this day I took the plunge, followed the sign and was pleasantly delighted while spending a memorable moment with my little lady.

You better believe that we will stopping at our new resting place every time we take the journey down to San Diego, because after all life is too short to pass up moments of beauty like these.

Rest Stop with Presley March 2012 1 (1)

Rest Stop with Presley March 2012 7

Rest Stop with Presley March 2012 8

Rest Stop with Presley March 2012 9

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