Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I bet you never would have thought...

Life sure has its turns. When I was a little girl my dad had a band, or maybe two, that played in our garage multiple times a week and were comprised of a bunch of "boys" well younger then himself. In reality, these "boys" were only a few years older then I, however we seemed generations apart, and after all they were my dad's friends so I never really bothered much with them unless they were shaking my holy crucifix off my wall (Yes..Eric that was you!). They gave me nicknames, played songs for me so I would leave the garage quickly, and always gave me the time of day no matter how annoying I might have been. As time went on, and these boys grew into men, some stuck around while others moved on.

Those that remained became part of our family. They witnessed my growth from a young girl trying to do my homework banging on the garage door, to a teenager aggravated by the tangled cords on the living room floor, to a college student who desperately needed to study at the exact moment they decided it was time to jam, to a blushing bride on my wedding day, and now a mother of two beautiful daughters that according to them look just like I did when I was young. And, they grew to.  In fact,  many of our lives formed a parallel. They got married around the same time I did, they had kiddos around the same time I did, and we grew together. They became not only my dads friends, but my friends too.

Friends who mean the world to me. Friends that I couldn't imagine not having as part of my life. Friends who trust, respect, and love me enough to ask me to be a very important part of their children's lives. Friends who know what an honor it is to be called the Godmother of their daughter.

Scarlett's Baptism July 2012 9

Scarlett's Baptism July 2012 6

Scarlett's Baptism July 2012 5

Scarlett's Baptism July 2012 4

Scarlett's Baptism July 2012 2
So, as I sat at my Goddaughter's baptism a few weeks ago I looked around and realized that as I was banging on the garage door as a young girl, I never imagined that 15 or so years down the road I would have the honor of being the lucky Godmother of the daughter of one of those "boys" in my dads band.

It truly is amazing the turns life takes, the way that role's are changed, reversed, paralleled, merged, and altered for the good. Even though then I couldn't imagine having the role of Godmother I have today; today I couldn't imagine not having my precious Scarlett Rose in my life. Now, I realize that's the beauty of growth, of life, and of friendships.

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