Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tutorial: Turning a pair of 4T shorts into a 9 Month Skirt

My friend Marci over at The Phee Family has her annual summer trip back home to Michigan coming up here in a few short weeks. Every year, her sis-in-law Robin and her dress their kidlets up in matching outfits and enjoy taking pictures of the boys as they run around the yard doing the things that boys do! However, this year it's not just boys attending this mini family reunion. You see, Marci had baby Alice this past Thanksgiving which finalizes the cousin score at 3 boys & 1 girl.

With this big trip right around the corner, the Momma's wheels began turning over exactly what their four should wear, and these super cute shorts pictured below were chosen. But, these are boys shorts, and they do NOT come in Alice's size! What ever should they do? 

My an extra pair in a larger size & turn it into an adorable skirt!
And...that's just what I did!

4t Shorts to 9 months Skirt-July 2012  1

Marci purchased a size 4T shorts from the boys section at Old Navy. She handed me the shorts, and I got to work.

4t Shorts to 9 months Skirt-July 2012  2

4t Shorts to 9 months Skirt-July 2012  3

After thorough inspection of these little shorts, I decided to make a straight cut across the shorts just above the cargo pockets leaving me with two pieces.

4t Shorts to 9 months Skirt-July 2012  4

4t Shorts to 9 months Skirt-July 2012  5

Next,  I took the bottom part of the shorts and cut the cuffs off of both of the legs.

4t Shorts to 9 months Skirt-July 2012  6

4t Shorts to 9 months Skirt-July 2012  7

I cut each cuff circle leaving me with 2 short strips of fabric. Then, I used my serger to combine these two strips into one (sorry I forgot to take a picture), and I placed my one long strip to the side. I picked up my skirt and determined how much fabric needed to be removed in order for it to fit Baby Alice perfectly. After measuring her waist, and taking the front and back pockets of the skirt into consideration, I decided to cut approximately 5 inches diagonally off the waistline. I chose to cut diagonally therefore her little pudgy thighs would fit better and I wanted to give the skirt a more full look, but you could also cut straight if you so desire. 

4t Shorts to 9 months Skirt-July 2012  9

4t Shorts to 9 months Skirt-July 2012  10

Once I had cut the skirt, I attached the long cuff strip to the bottom by simply serging the frayed edges of both pieces together. Lastly, I folded the skirt in half inside out, and serged straight up the middle of the backside. I tied off my ends, used some anti-fray glue, and snipped off all my loose threads.

4t Shorts to 9 months Skirt-July 2012  11

4t Shorts to 9 months Skirt-July 2012  12

When I was finished, I had one 9 month skirt perfect for Baby Alice to match all the boys during her trip back to Michigan! This skirt was very simple to make, took me only about 20 minutes from beginning to end, and turned out even better then I had expected. I have a feeling Baby Alice and her little skirt will be the talk of her family reunion back in Michigan.

Have you turned any of your older kidlet's clothes into something for your younger one lately? If so...please feel free to link up below!

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