Friday, July 6, 2012

The 50 Shades of Party Invites

Yes, I too was bitten by the 50 Shades of Grey bug!! Call it fan fiction, call it Mommy Porn, call it whatever you want, but I still loved every single word that made up this trilogy. The romance, suspense, and erotica yielded me many late nights laying on my couch snuggled up with my kindle in hand. I laughed, I cried, I learned new things, and I felt empowered with every single page turned.

Like every other women out there, I shared my love for this trilogy with my other friends who soon became as crazed with the story of Ana & Christian as I did. I received countless amounts of texts, emails, and phone calls from my friends lusting over Mr. Grey. So, I thought what better way to discuss our thoughts of this enticing piece of work, then to have our very own 50 Shades of Grey party.

I wanted the evenings tone to be set before my friends even stepped foot into my house, therefore I knew my invitations had to be perfect. I took a late night trip to my local Joann Fabrics and picked up all the necessities, then set to work.

50 shades party invites June 2012 1

I planned on making 10 invitations so I purchased: 
-5 sheets of red textured paper
-5 sheets of shiny grey paper
-2 yards of thin silver chain
-2 yards of black leather 

The other supplies used were:
-Hot glue gun & extra sticks
-10 3x4 white card stock printed invitations
-Men's Tie Pattern

50 shades party invites June 2012 3 (1)

I cut each of the red textured papers in half, and cut 10 ties out of the shiny grey papers. I also glued the grey ties with small dabs of the hot glue onto the red textured papers.

50 shades party invites June 2012 4

Next, I assembled the handcuffs by cutting the black leather into 3 inch strips and the thin silver chain into 2 inch strips.

50 shades party invites June 2012 5

I hot glued each of the black leather pieces into small circles, and then glued the small silver chain to the two black leather circles.

50 shades party invites June 2012 6 (1)

I completed the invitation by hot glueing the black leather handcuffs and the white printed card stock to the red textured papers. And...there you have it, a fun kinky invitation to a 50 Shades of Grey party!

Do you have any fun 50 Shades of Grey invites you have created? Feel free to link up below!

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