Thursday, March 8, 2012

Week 26....10% Goal Accomplished

Dear Mr. Weight Watchers,

I did it! 10% of my body weight is gone, lost, and hopefully never to return (unless of course when I get pregnant again)! I'm not going to lie...the journey wasn't that fun! I really had to work at it. I really had to think about every tiny morsel I put into my mouth or just not to put in my mouth! I really had to make a commitment to change my lifestyle! But, that doesn't mean that I didn't  cheat a little bit here and there! Regardless of how long it took me or how hard it was, I owned it and I'm proud!
I lost my 10% baby!!! Whoop whoop!!! #weightwatchers

Gotta pump it up! #weightwatchers
This past week we talked about moving! We all do that right? Wrong! Moving our hand from the bag of chips to our mouth doesn't exactly count. As a former avid soccer player, I sat in the meeting thinking about what I actually do daily that would count as exercise. I was surprised to see that I was among the many who do not add exercise into my daily life. Sure I chase around two little kidlets, and my fingers pounce up and down on the keyboard rather fast, but that doesn't necessarily count. Let's be honest, those types of activities don't count at all. I do occasionally take walks, which I thoroughly enjoy, however I haven't made exercise a priority in my weight loss journey. It's time for me to get up, get out, and get moving!
Inspiration! #weightwatchers

My reward!! #innout
I am a firm believer in rewards. As an educator I reward my students when they do a good job in class, as a parent I reward my children when they make me proud, as a weight watcher I reward myself when I lose! It's not clothes or shoes that make me feel rewarded. It's food baby, and In-N-Out to be exact. Because...let's face it, food is the reason why I'm here! But, a little bit here and a little bit there does any body good! Here's to another great week Mr. Weight Watchers. I am 10% lighter, another pant size down, and another goal closer to my lifetime!

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