Sunday, March 6, 2011

The H to the D!!!

As we were going about our normal Saturday morning 
routine of gymnastics, breakfast, then home, we decided
to stop by Home Depot for a few items. What did we find?

Well...we found their monthly Saturday Morning Kids 
Project. Ryan turned to G and said, "Do you want to 
build a car?" G promptly responded with "Yup!" And, so 
they did. 

Giulietta was given her own HD apron, and a car to build. 
Ryan and her set to work assembling and putting the stickers on.
When it was finished, she raced it down the track, received a 
certificate of completion, and a pin for her apron. It was
really soooo much fun! 

Now you know where you will find these two on the first 
Saturday Morning of each month. But, only after gymnastics!

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