Friday, June 27, 2014

Taking a Bite out of Watermelon

Teeth!! What is it about losing them, that gets me all choked up? Perhaps it's the fact that I so vividly remember each and everyone that poked through her tender pink gums or the fact that she now has the typical "little girl" toothless speech impediment going on. Whatever it is, it makes me realize that the days of her infancy and toddlerhood are all over!

My first born is a little girl.
A little girl that lost her 2nd tooth in a piece of Watermelon at Acting Camp yesterday.
A little girl who has a passion for turning white paper into a colorful masterpiece.
A little girl that is learning to read, write, and question the world around her!
A little girl who needs me less and less with each passing day.

(Giulietta wanted to show Nana & Fafa her tooth, and they were out of town. So, she wrote this special note to the tooth fairy asking her to leave her tooth one extra night that way she could show it off!) 

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