Sunday, April 29, 2012

Walking the Hood

When the girls wake up from their long afternoon naps it seems like there is this awkward amount of
time to fill before Ryan wakes up and we start our nightly routine of dancing in the dining room, dinner, baths, and bed. Some days there are errands to be ran, other times we visit Nana & Fafa, but on most afternoons we walk the hood. Giulietta independently pedals her trike sometimes too far, while I push the bouncing Presley slowly behind.

The California sun starts its descent leaving the sky filled with orange and pink beauty allowing the girls' golden hair to glisten and their bright blue eyes to twinkle with wonder and awe. The various palms sway in the warm breeze and we walk, giggle, observe, talk, and enjoy each others company. On these walks I spend a lot of time contently listening to my little ladies, thinking about how the world looks differently through their eyes, wondering if I will someday be able to watch enjoy these sweet moments with their own children.

The time I spend with just my little ladies on these afternoon walks seem to be by far some of my favorites. It's just me, them, and this amazing world that I am teaching them to soak the most out of.

Another Walk Around the Block April 2012 3

Another Walk Around the Block April 2012 4

Another Walk Around the Block April 2012 2

Another Walk Around the Block April 2012 1

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