Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's not my...


This is exactly what Giulietta told us
when we were taking these pictures.

We requested that she hold up Presley,
and not let her fall. 
 She looked at us like this,
 and tried to do what we asked as she
yelled "Sister is falling!" & "It
is not my responsibility!"
 Your so right Giulietta! It is not your 
responsibility, and never will be. You
are so sweet and so young, really still
a baby yourself. We have made you grow
up before your time, and I am sorry, but
 happy all at the same time. One day you will
read this, probably when you have your
own children, and understand why 
you are so independent and dependable.
Even though, taking care of sister is not
your responsibility, you will always do the
job and LOVE it! 

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