Monday, July 26, 2010

Friends for Life

Today I realized that we have been blessed with the Worlds Best Friends
right across the street!

Usually I post about the shenanigans that Giulietta and Charlie take part in,
or the new milestones they have reached; however, these two best friends
wouldn't have the relationship they do if it wasn't for my crazy neighbor that
ventured across the street one day, and asked to meet the girl that lived in my

Over the past few years, Marci and I have become the best of friends. We
share our secrets, insecurities, free time, and children. I can honestly say
that my journey through motherhood would not be as easy, natural, or
enjoyable without my wonderful friend. She makes me think about the
hard things, laugh at myself when I would otherwise be crying, and provides
my daughter with the best playmate right across the street. Thanks Phee's
for bringing us Morad's such great friendships. We LOVE you all!!

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