Thursday, June 3, 2010

Big Sister Alert!!!

Giulietta is proud to announce that she is going to become a 

What she doesn't know or understand is the story of this 
new journey our family is about to embark!

On Tuesday May 18th, 2010 Ryan and I went to our 
first doctors appointment. At that time, our doctor informed
us that I was carrying Twins! However, our surprise and 
excitement was short lived as the doctor explained that 
even though we saw a small beating heart, Baby B 
was half the size as Baby A. She went on to tell us that
there was a possibility that Baby B would STOP growing
and virtually end up absorbing into the placenta. 

As we left the office, I held back the tears even though I 
knew in my heart Baby B wasn't going to make it to 
its Birth Date. I knew that Baby A would end up being
a singleton, a survivor, a twin for a short few weeks! 

The two week waiting period was excruciating and 
tiring. We debated back and forth whether or not we 
would have the pleasure of two more sweet babies, and 
started slightly planning what we would do if they 
both made it. We prayed, we hoped, and we fell
in love with the idea of G having two more siblings. 

**First Ultrasound with only Baby A**

Yesterday, June 2, 2010, we visited Dr. Chu again to 
find out the verdict of the babies. The questions in all
our minds was "Would Baby B still be there?" 

Sadly, Baby B has stopped! Our little life, which was so
new and fragile, didn't make it! We watched as the doctor
showed us Baby A, the only living baby, and explained
how healthy and perfect looking he/she is.

As I sat there watching my new baby wiggle around on the 
screen, I couldn't help but feel cheated, wronged, and 
devastated. Under other circumstances, most Mama's would 
feel excited and overjoyed. Instead, I just wanted to cry, go 
home and hug my sweet Giulietta, and mourn the loss of my 
Baby B! 

**Second Ultrasound with Baby A on the left
 & Baby B on the right**

After a lot of tears and the overwhelming feeling of loss, I 
have realized that God only gives us things that we can 
handle. I know in my heart that this was meant to be. For
whatever reason, we were blessed with two for a short 
period, but will be blessed with one forever. 

Baby B will live on in our hearts, while Baby A is blessed
with the miracle of life. I know it will take a while for the
 heartache to stop for the loss of one of our angels,
but we feel very blessed to have one that appears to be
growing healthy and strong! 

And, as you can see our sweet Giulietta is delighted to 
become a BIG SISTER!!

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