Thursday, April 23, 2009

Big Girl Car Seat

Giulietta now has her very own Big Girl Car Seat in both
Mommy & Daddy's cars. We have sadly said goodbye to 
the infant carrier and packed the cute Leopard print seat
away in the closet.

In Ryan's truck Giulietta has a very nice and cozy black 
and gray seat, which matches very nicely.  In my car,
Giulietta and I have been spoiled by Grandpa Rick with
this beautiful new Britax car seat.  Not only does this
seat fit Giulietta perfectly, but it allows the passengers
in my car almost double the amount of leg room from before
and it makes it easier for me to exit Giulietta from the hatch!
Thank You so much Grandpa Rick for Mommy's Birthday
present; We all love it!!

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